by Maxwell Anderson

Christine Penmark has it all. A loving husband. A beautiful home. The perfect daughter. Yet as Christine's husband leaves for Washington D.C. on assignment, her growing sense of unease towards her daughter Rhoda begins to rise.


When tragedy strikes on Rhoda’s school trip, Christine is forced to confront the growing number of “accidents” that follow on the heels her daughter’s good graces. Why do bad things seem to happen when Rhoda is around? Obedient, charming and intelligent beyond her years, Rhonda epitomises a parent’s dream child. But what if underneath the sweet exterior beats the heart of a cold-blooded sociopath? Is it possible to give birth to evil?


Pulitzer prize winner (for Both Your Houses) Maxwell Anderson's chilling tale, adapted from the critically acclaimed novel of the same name by William March is revived by Out Fox Productions, whose previous work at the Jack includes Frank Wedekind's Spring Awakening, Patrick Hamilton's Rope and Sarah Daniel's The Gut Girls.


Press on previous OutFox Productions.


"A well-designed and well-performed production of a show with a strong message" Everything Theatre on Spring Awakening


"the performances and the play are nothing but extraordinary." The Hollywood News on 'Rope'


"Once again, OutFox have proven themselves to be at the absolute fore-front of London Fringe Theatre" Female Arts on 'The Gut Girls'

Performed 14th March - 1st April at The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre

**** "This play is beautifully produced" WEST END WILMA

**** “An intriguing and haunting production.” LONDONTHEATRE1

****  “OutFox Productions are on to a winner” STAGE REVIEW

**** “This is an excellent revival by OutFox Productions, and the amazing story is something definitely worth seeing.” EVERYTHING THEATRE

**** "an expertly directed production, with the cast speaking this classic American text beautifully, creating real tension until the final minute of the show." POCKET SIZED THEATRE

**** "One could, of course, just watch it as a ‘thriller’ or a domestic drama, but where it works best, I think, is prompting us to think about what is ‘acceptable behaviour’ and what can be done, if at all, about nuturing empathy where it doesn’t exist." BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL

"Another hit for OutFox Productions and great entertainment for your evening out." UK THEATRE NETWORK

"The Bad Seed is a wonderfully atmospheric and spine-tingling play, beautifully acted and full of class. Well worth a look." FAIRY POWERED

"With a truly great play, done well in a fantastic little venue, you have the makings of a great night." SOUTHWARK NEWS

"suspenseful and atmospheric" BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE

"a strongly acted and well directed piece with an intriguing premise" LONDON PUB THEATRES

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