By Frank Wedekind, adapted from Francis J. Ziegler’s translation by John Fricker

“Won’t you visit my dreams for a while?”

OutFox Productions invites you to a new adaptation of Frank Wedekind’s classic, Spring Awakening.

Wendla Bergman just wants to know about it.
Mrs Bergman doesn’t want to discuss it.
Moritz is too nervous to talk about it.
Melchior can explain it, with diagrams.

Innocent eyes will see what you tell them.
A little learning is a dangerous thing.

Spring Awakening was ahead of its time. It questions authority, education and parenting. It subverts accepted views on teenage pregnancy, homosexuality, religion and suicide. It attempts to build new views, new ideas and new norms. Bold undertakings for a play originally written in the 1890s, and just as bold today.

“In thirty years, on an evening like to-day, if we recall this one, perhaps it will seem too beautiful for words.”

Performed at The Jack Studio Theatre

Wednesday 20th June – Saturday 14th July 2012.

**** “It is fantastic to see a young company burst onto the London fringe scene with such a mature and considered production, as well as some terrific design ideas and strong performances.” EVERYTHING THEATRE

**** “the audience couldn’t help but be uplifted” ONE STOP ARTS

**** “The all female design team for Spring Awakenings have created a fantastic look and feel for the play.” FEMALE ARTS

**** “OutFox are a fresh new company to watch out for.” REMOTEGOAT

“The message is clear, the acting was incredible – I cannot wait to see what OutFox does next.” NEWS SHOPPER

“this debut production, with its bold direction and strong performances, is not to be missed.” BARGAIN THEATRE

Joe Sowerbutts as Moritz and Ellie Morris as Ilse
Joe Sowerbutts as Moritz and Ellie Morris as Ilse

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David Palmstrom as Melchior
David Palmstrom as Melchior

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Evelyn Campbell as Martha
Evelyn Campbell as Martha

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Joe Sowerbutts as Moritz and Ellie Morris as Ilse
Joe Sowerbutts as Moritz and Ellie Morris as Ilse

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The Girls:

Wendla – Ana Luderowski

Thea/Ilse/Doctor von Brausepulver – Ellie Morris

Martha/Ina/Professor Affenschmalz – Evelyn Campbell

The Boys:

Melchior – David Palmstrom

Moritz/Renter Steifel/Rheinhold – Joe Sowerbutts

Hans/Diethelm – Calum Mould

Otto/Professor Zungenschlag/Helmuth – JP Lord

Ernest/Ruprecht/The Masked Man – Oliver Malam

The Grown-Ups:

Frau Bergmann/Professor Fliegentod – Rachel Dobell

Rector Sonnenstich/Herr Gabor – Andrew Wickes

Frau Freida Gabor/Beadle Habebald – Sophie Doherty


Producer – Kirsty Fox

Director – John Fricker

Stage Manager – Amy Gunn

Set & Costume Designer – Gina Rose Lee

Design Assistant – Laura Ratling

Costume Supervisor – Amy Jeskins

Lighting Designer – Genevieve Peck

Sound Designer – Amy Mae Smith

Movement Director – Simon Jones